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Adopt a Senior Cat or Dog at Paws

Seniors for Seniors Program.


We believe that everyone should experience the enjoyment of a pet. Pets bring us love, joy and companionship at any age. They inspire us each and every day, positively impact our health and make us into better people. PAWS’ Seniors for Seniors Program is a reduced adoption fee program open to all folks age 75 and over who are looking forward to the joys of pet ownership at a reduced adoption fee. This program encourages the adoption of senior pets by senior people. Senior pets have known personalities and are less inclined to get under your feet! Seniors are eligible to apply for pets of any age with an appropriate contingency plan in place.


  • Senior cats are age 10 years and over and dogs determined by size and breed

  • Adoption counselors will help match approved adopters who are 75+ with senior animals

  • A contingency person, age 70 years or less is required to be on file. This is someone who would care for your cat or dog if you are no longer able to.

  • Our senior cats and dogs come fully vetted (up to date vaccinations, exam, and senior profile bloodwork)

  • Other procedures, like dental work, are done as needed prior to adoption.

  • We offer a reduced suggested donation of just $85 for cats and $150 for dogs. These donations may be waived for dogs and cats who have been with us more than 3 months.

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