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Become a Foster Hero

PAWS is always seeking volunteers who are willing to provide temporary foster homes for our cats and dogs when the need arises.


Animals who may need fostering include: young motherless kittens who need to be bottle fed, kittens or puppies who are too young to be housed at the shelter, dogs or cats recovering from illness or injury, and senior/special needs dogs or cats who would benefit from spending time in a home.


During the summer especially we get a lot of calls to take in kitty moms to be or moms with small nursing kittens. 

Some foster situations will be short-term, and can range from a couple

nights or weekend care, to lasting for several weeks. Requirements for fostering a PAWS animal will vary depending upon the particular animal’s needs.


If you are interested in becoming a PAWS foster parent, please complete and submit our Foster Application. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to provide more information, let you know what animals we have who need foster care, and schedule a day and time for you to come in. 


Fostering requires the animal to stay in your home and often have more supervision and care than an adopted pet.

We can supply a large crate for the animal(s) to be housed in, as well as food and litter. PAWS assumes all responsibility for the animal(s) and will take them into the shelter at the agreed upon time. If you have some flexibility in the date they need to return to us that is a huge help as we often have unscheduled intakes.

Fosters should live within a 30 minute drive from Paws, have reliable transportation and some flexibility to bring animals in to Paws for necessary medical appointments. You will need a room where your foster friend will be kept separately from any other pets in the home. Your pets must be up to date on all vaccinations and preventatives.

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