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Leave a Lasting Legacy

To Care for Homeless Dogs and Cats at PAWS

Our Mission

PAWS is a no-kill animal shelter committed to the rescue and adoption of our community’s homeless and abused dogs and cats.

Our Vision

The humane treatment of all animals.

PAWS is a nonprofit organization and survives on the generosity of those whose lives we’ve touched. We do fundraising, grant-writing, and collect adoption donations, but this revenue does not entirely cover the cost of the direct and indirect care of our animals.


Direct care includes payroll (kennel, medical, and adoption staff, volunteer coordinator, and executive director), medical care (veterinary visits and medications), as well as food for more than 100 animals at any one time.


Indirect care includes facility expenses and up front fundraising costs. PAWS has established funds to assist donors with aligning their gift to match our shelter needs. Please visit our donation page for more details.

We have recently added The Pet Animal Welfare Fund, which will provide a long term source of funds to support and sustain PAWS’ financial viability to help animals now and in the future.

The General Operating, Spay/ Neuter, and Cosmo Funds, are managed by PAWS. The Pet Animal Welfare Fund is an endowment at the Fairfield County Community Foundation.

We are grateful for your gift consideration, and our thanks is best embodied by the benefactors of your gift – the dogs and cats of PAWS. Please contact our Executive Director, Kerry Dobson, for more information. Kerry can be reached by email at, or by phone at (203) 750-9572 (PAWS) ext. 106.

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