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Financial Aid


Here are some financial aid programs that may help you take care of your animals.



Offers a revolving line of credit for veterinary expenses. Being treatment or the procedure immediately- then pay overtime with low monthly payments. For a list of vets who accept CareCredit, please call them.


IMOM (In Memory of Magic)

Financial assistance for non-routine & emergency veterinary care. They also award grants to people who need monetary assistance to spay or neuter their pets.



Veterinary assistance for those in financial hardship or victims of domestic abuse. Apply for grants, awarded based on need, qualifications, and urgency.


PAWS- Pets Are Wonderful Support

On-site and home delivery of pet food and supplies. Financial assistance for preventative, comprehensive and emergency veterinary care provided by our veterinary volunteers and partners. In-home cat care, dog walking, transportation and emergency foster care. Bathing and full service grooming.


PALS- Pets are Loving Support

Pals helps care for animals of people with AIDS/HIV including dropping off food, taking them for walks, and help arrange discounts and loans for those with financial needs.


Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program

Provides assistance for those with a low income or economic hardship. Assists only if cat has Vaccine Associated Sarcoma (VAS), also known as Injection Site Sarcoma (ISS).


The Pet Lifeline Program

Program launched by Pet News Daily to offer financial aid for pet owners who are struggling to pay their vet bills.

NY SAVE- Save Animals in Veterinary Emergency

Aid and assistance of low-income pet owners residing in one of the five boroughs of New York City, whose pet is in need of emergency veterinary care.




A pet food pantry in Canton, CT that offers pet food at no charge. Open on Mondays & Tuesdays. Call for more info.


Pets of the Homeless

We know pets provide the comfort and love everyone looks for. We also know that you will go out of your way to care for your pet over yourself. We provide connections to free supplies, food, and clinic services in your area to care for your companion.


The Big Hearts Fund

Raises money for pets with heart disease. Primarily accepts those in need of immediate surgery.


The Pet Fund

Provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need veterinary care and cannot afford expensive surgeries or medical treatments.



Located in Stamford, CT. Provide assistance to low income individuals/familiars, physically and/or mentally impaired, US Military families, the homeless, senior citizens, victims of domestic abuse, and pets displaced by natural disasters. We provide grants for those in hardship who need assistance for routine and emergency veterinary care. We also host a Pet Food Pantry and run Pets of Military Vets, which covers initial adoption and medical costs for those adopting animals.



A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization is dedicated to keeping companion animals and their families together. They strive to ensure that the lives of family pets are not cut short because pet guardians lack the necessary funds to cover the cost of vital veterinary treatment, whether for an emergency or ongoing care.

Tail to Paw Animal Support

To ensure that no companion animal goes without food, supplies or medical needs or is abandoned on the streets or at a shelter due to their owner’s poverty level or housing status.


Breed Specific Assistance


Pit Bull Rescue Central

Provides breed education, facilitates rescue and rehoming of Pit Bulls, and raised funding for veterinary treatment, spay/neuter, food, shelter, and assisting dogs in cruel environments.


Westie Med, Inc.

Provides financial aid for medial expenses for Westies in need of rescuing or recently rescued/adopted pets.



Provides medical funding for Labradors who are rescued, but not yet in their forever home.


CorgiAid Inc.

Provide financial assistance to corgis and corgi mixes. We help out those who rescue dogs from shelters or other non-permanent homes, then foster them until a new home is found. Medical and other expenses for these dogs can become high; so we gather funds for those who apply and need the assistance.


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