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We're Hosting a Virtual Kitten Shower This Year!

Normally this time we'd be hosting a kitten shower at Paws to show off our available kittens and even bring in a few not quite 8 weeks, so they'd have homes lined up when ready to leave mom.

With COVID-19 still making such a big impact on so many lives we've decided to host a virtual kitten shower instead! 

Check here dailly for a new kitten photo and story! We're also asking for donations to help feed and care for the many little ones we have in foster. Many have moms but quite a few are being bottle fed or are just learning to eat solid food. ​

Where Do Your Donations Go?

Meet MICHAEL! This little guy is part of a litter of 4 who are currently being bottle fed. He's 3 1/2 weeks old and very spunky. He loves to run everywhere he goes and is the first sibling to venture just a little further than the others. Michael is also the most talkative and when he's hungry you better have a bottle ready for him!


Meet SYDNEY, Michael's sister. She is the only "fluffy" one of the litter and is just learning to eat real food and use the potty. She likes to watch what her sisters do to make sure it's safe. Sydney started eating a day after her sisters did but is now unstoppable and loves her Royal Canin pate! What a looker <3


Our Most Needed Kitten Items!

Visit our Kitten Wish List at Amazon!

#1 Most Needed!

Dry Kitten Food

* Great for 5 week and up kits just starting to eat. Smaller bite sizes and higher calories to help babies grow.

Standard Purina, Pro-Plan, Wellness, or Hills kitten dry are all also welcome!

Shop Kitten Dry Food at Amazon


#2 Most Needed!

Royal Canin Kitten Pate

* One of the best for tiny babies just starting to eat. It mixes well with formula for slurping stage of eating :)

Shop RC Pate at Amazon


#3 Most Needed!

Bigger kitten (6-12 weeks) food

* Great for filling up those bellies of our hungry babies. This food is great for kittens 6 weeks & up.

Shop FF Pate at Amazon


#4 Most Needed!

Small playpens for kittens to sleep and play in

* Great for keeping babies safely confined overnight. Small and medium sizes work best for most homes.

Shop Playpens at Amazon


Meet KATNISS, a friendly 2 year old momma and her adorable 5 week old babies! They'll will be coming in to see the vet and find homes in a few more weeks. They're just starting to eat real food and can be fussy. We love having different flavors to send home with our fosters and adopters. We love the Fancy Feast Variety Pack with four flavors to choose from!

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