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Please Note: We are not currently adopting to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine or Rhode Island due to burdensome interstate transport regulations.

Seniors for Seniors Program:


At PAWS, we believe that everyone should experience the enjoyment of a pet.  Pets bring us love, joy and companionship at any age. They inspire us each and every day, positively impact our health and make us into better people. PAWS’ Seniors for Seniors Program is open to all folks age 75 and over who are looking forward to the joys of pet ownership. 


  • Senior animals are age 7 years and over

  • Adoption counselors will help match approved adopters 75+ with senior dogs

  • A younger contingency person is required. This is a person who can care for the dog if the adopter is not able to

  • Your adoption fee will be waived - but we always appreciate donations!

  • Our senior dogs come fully vetted and then receive free basic annual care for as long as they live

       (Vaccinations, exams, and senior profile bloodwork.)


Other procedures, like dental work, are done as needed prior to adoption. Sick visits and any other medical needs are not covered by our Pension Plan. You will need to have your own vet for these concerns.

PAWS has been helping animals in need since 1962. Our dedicated staff and volunteers provide shelter, medical attention, and love to the dogs and cats in our care. We work hard to find the right pet for your home and the right home for every pet. Challenge accepted! We rescued and placed for more than 900 cats and dogs last year!

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