Submit a Barn Cat Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a barn cat  from PAWS! There is no fee but donations are gratefully accepted.All cats are healthy, spayed or neutered, and up to date on shots. While these cats may not be friendly enough to get in a carrier for yearly exams and shots, we do expect that if something serious comes up you will get them seen by a vet.


We also ask that barn cats be given fresh water and cat food every day, and not expected to live solely on what they catch. Well fed cats will still hunt for fun! In addition, just having a cat prowling around will be enough to deter a large number of rodents.

It can take a couple weeks for them to become acclimated to a new location and if you are willing to keep them confined for the first 7-10 days this ensures they will not bolt off when first released.


If you have a room that they can be placed in within an outbuilding that works well, or we can loan you a large dog crate for them to be housed in. After a week or two of getting fed regularly they can be released and will return for food.