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5 Superpowers You Didn’t Know Your Dog Had

Well, who would’ve thought their dog was a superhero? Many dog owners aren’t aware of how extraordinary their furry friends truly are. So read ahead to find out.

Super Smell


Everyone knows that dogs have very powerful noses. We just don’t seem to grasp how powerful it really is.

Our furry friends are 100,000 times better at picking up scents than we are. With this ability, they can easily sniff out treats hidden in the most obscure places.

To give you a better comparison, let’s look at this example. Let’s compare our differences in smell this way, if you and your dog were looking straight ahead, Rex could see up to 3000 miles ahead of you. While doing so, he’d still maintain a perfect sense of smell covering that distance as well.


Super Hearing


Not only do dogs come with super-smell, but they also have highly powerful hearing as well.

We can pick up to 20,000 GHz. A dog can hear up to 60,000. This lets them pick up on more distant, sensitive vibrations. This is how your dog knows you’re headed home before you’ve even set foot at your front door.

The ability to pick up more vibrations per second (GHz) isn’t the only reason their hearing is so good. Your dog’s ears are on the top of their head and they have a range of muscles to control it, letting them hear better.


Super Sight

We can’t see in the dark that well. This is disappointing considering our furry friends are very good at this. This is due to the difference in our pupil sizes. When the lights go out, their pupils expand. Ultimately, more light is allowed in.

Rex M.D.

You may have seen articles about dogs diagnosing their owners with cancer. Although you may not believe this, you should.

Dogs can sniff out a range of ailments you may have. If you haven’t guessed it, this is due to their powerful sense of smell.

It lets them make note of strange compounds your body may have. Such organic compounds can include cancer.

If a dog is trained, its sense of smell can also sniff out seizures. This helps you get to safety when it’s about to kick in so you don’t hurt yourself.



It’s scary how well dogs can read our minds. No, they don’t know what you’re thinking, but they’re exceptionally great at picking up facial expressions and tones of voice.

This allows them to determine your mood; letting them react to the situation accordingly. A great example of this is your dog seeing you cry and laying its head on your knee as a means of comfort.

In fact, accreditations are offered to register dogs as support animals- This is a testament to how well they can comfort us.




To sum it up, dogs can do many things we humans can’t. Although we just discussed five of these, there are countless other abilities dogs possess that are equally great, such as:

  • Detection of natural disasters

  • Built-in GPS

  • Super-speed

  •  Heightened empathy

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