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Programs and Partners 

Radiocat - provides treatments for hyperthyroid cats

Paws is extremely proud and appreciative of the generosity of Radiocats’ co-founder, Dr. Wachsstock in serving the needs of shelter animals. He has graciously gifted Paws with two I-131 treatments per year for our hyperthyroid cats. This treatment which is normally cost prohibitive for us allows curative treatment for our “hyper” cats and significantly increases their chances for adoption. Thank you, Radiocat on behalf of our cats.

Norwalk Community College Vet Tech Program

Thanks to Norwalk Community College Vet Tech Program


The partnership between PAWS and Norwalk Community College’s Veterinary Technology Program benefits Fairfield County animals, the community and each institution. By embracing an educational mandate, PAWS will help train knowledgeable, compassionate caregivers for the veterinary field. NCC’s students are able to contribute to the care and treatment of PAWS’ short and long term residents.


NCC’s Veterinary Technology program is being designed to the accreditation standards required by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Program students must acquire an extensive repertoire of didactic and hands-on skills before graduation with an A.S. degree in Veterinary Technology. NCC is proud to have PAWS as its first off-site small animal clinical partner, and looks forward to an evolving collaboration.

Pets For Patriots

We are so proud to partner with this great organization who helps veterans adopt a new best friend, and helps shelter animals find a home. Dogs and cats at risk of death or perpetual homelessness, veterans who need a new pet friend - each saved through adoption, both renewed by love.


Pets for Patriots works with the animal welfare community by helping to educate the military community and the public about the plight of animals surrendered to shelters, promoting companion pet adoption. Pets for Patriots helps to reduce the costs of pet parenthood in order to prevent veterans from returning their new best friends to the shelter due to short-term financial hardship. Click here to learn more.

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