PAWS Foster to Adopt Program for Kittens

We're happy to offer the Paws Foster to Adopt Program for kittens under 3 months, which allows for un-spayed or neutered babies to go to homes at an earlier age. Previously they would have been waiting in a foster home or at the shelter to be fixed.

They see the vet and get their initial medical treatments which include:

(first distemper shot, aids/leukemia test, microchip, flea meds, and dewormer).


They are yours to adopt, but we maintain a foster status until after they are spayed or neutered. 


You must return them to us typically in about 4 weeks for their spay or neuter, rabies shot, second distemper shot and follow up dewormer.


When you pick them up after surgery you will do the official adoption paperwork at that time. The donation upon pickup is $200 per kitten and for females we encourage you to spend the additional $10 for a cone to keep them from pulling out their stitches.