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My Story


Liberty is a 1 year old Pitbull that lives to cuddle. She has a huge grown body but she is a mushy teddy bear. She is has been raised around one infant and 2 toddlers. She listens to all commands she scratches at the door when she has to go to the bathroom.  She likes to run outside but she is known to escape. So we have put up a fence around the yard. So someone who has a fenced yard would be great or someone who can watch her when she’s outside. She’s never bitten anyone. She loves to cuddle and get her belly rubbed. She was also raised next to a Maltese and chihuahua who she loves. But because she was raised with them I’m not sure if she realizes how big she is. So she like to be on the couch and held like she’s a small dog even though she’s huge. She’s extremely friendly and loves taking baths too. She is up to date with all of her shots and is not spayed but we are willing to spay her at our expense if needed. She would be a great dog for an active family.  Please contact:  Shaquila Bruno <>