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My Story

Layla is a sweet, friendly, and playful lab mix who will thrive with consistent companionship and exercise. Around 5 years old, Layla enjoys running around outside, chasing squirrels and balls, and sitting on laps for belly rubs. She has been wonderful with our two young children (3 & 1), but needs more attention than her mom and dad can give her during the week and would likely do best with older children or adults who can run around with her a bit more. 


She loves to try to sneak onto the couch for naps or lay at our feet under the kitchen table, but does suffer from occasional separation anxiety, which is challenging with mom and dad's long work hours and the added challenge of caring for two young toddlers. 


Layla would be a great addition particularly in an environment with a stay at home parent or a family who can commit to providing her with lots of exercise and attention at the end of the day. Layla would do best as an only dog, and has had some aggression toward other dogs specifically when approached on her leash, but in all is a sweetheart who deserves to have a better, more loving, active home life.


For more information on Layla, please call Beth at 717-805-6369. 



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Age: 5 years

Breed: Lab x