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Tyson asks "Can you help me on the road to recovery?"


Let me introduce myself. My name is Tyson and I'm one of the many cats here at PAWS who are waiting for a new home.

Even though I'm in a shelter I consider myself very lucky. I know you are asking yourself "Why would a cat in a shelter call himself lucky"? That's a great question and I'll tell you why I'm one lucky cat.

Until earlier this year I did have a home and I have no doubt that my person loved me but they were not in a good place to be able to take care of me properly and eventually she had to bring me to PAWS.

Just like all the incoming cats & dogs at PAWS I was quickly seen by a vet and she didn't like what she saw. Turns out my teeth were in very poor shape and it appeared that I had a terrible, terrible ear infection.

So in I went in for emergency dental surgery and had many teeth extracted. My ear infection was also treated. After that I thought to myself "Tyson, my boy, it's all smooth sailing from here" but that didn't turn out to be the case.

My mouth continued to be inflamed & sore and that pesky ear infection just wouldn't quite go away completely. So back to the vet we went and it was discovered that I suffered from an oral condition called stomatitis and that I had a mass in my ear canal. Explains why I had to ask the other cats to repeat everything they said to me!

To treat the stomatitis the dentist had to extract the rest of my teeth as that is the best way to control the disease and while I was under the vet did a biopsy on my ear mass. The good news is that it's an inflammatory polyp and not a tumor or some other sort of cancerous mass. The bad news is that the polyp is aggressive in size and needs to be removed. Without the surgery I would have recurring ear problems including chronic infections, pain and it could continue to grow and cause other issues.

I feel really bad. My vet bills have already been extensive and now PAWS is having to spend even more money on me. But it makes me feel very loved knowing that they care so much about me and are doing everything they can to make sure I get the best care possible and that I can have a long and happy life with my new people. If I had been in some other shelters I might have had to go to the big scratching post in the sky. I shudder to even think about it!

Now you know why I consider myself to be one VERY lucky cat!

The vets expect me to make a full recovery and as soon as I am back on my paws I will be on the prowl for a new home! I'm 5 years old, already neutered, super friendly and I wouldn't mind sharing my home with other cats. And if I do say so myself, I am VERY handsome!

All of these vet bills have been tough on PAWS so I'm asking if you might be able to donate a few dollars (see below) to help PAWS cover my vet bills. The vets are giving PAWS a deep discount but even with that, between the dental extractions, ear surgery and follow up care, the bills will be around $4000.

And if more donations are received than is needed for my surgery/treatment, I promise to share them with the other pets at PAWS who have special medical needs as well.

You can make your donation using Network for Good, a secure donation portal. Please Note: Minimum online donation amount is $10.00. Click the icon below:


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