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Note well: PAWS has one location in Norwalk, Connecticut and a shelter visit is required for all pet adoptions.

Some of the cats available at PAWS are listed below. Click on the photo or cat's name for a larger image and pet biography. We also have many dogs who need good homes.

Kittens, Kittens & More Kittens Kittens, Kittens & More Kittens

Andrew Andrew
aka: Hobo

Bella Bella
Fiesty, but Friendly

Brian & Roger Brian & Roger
Bros till the end

Brownie Brownie
Quite the Talker

Buddy Buddy
Independent Man Cat

Bunny Bunny
Looking for TLC

Buster Buster
Handsome Mancat... look into my eyes, they say adopt me please!

Cinnamon Cinnamon
Talkative Girl

Creamsicle Creamsicle
Loud Purrrrr

Daphne Daphne
Shy Girl

Elmer Elmer
Let's Hang Out Together

Gem Gem
Ooh, sparkly

Godzilla Godzilla
I'm a friendly monster!

Harlequin Harlequin
Bursting with Energy

Hippity & Hoppity Hippity & Hoppity
Will bounce their way into your heart

Holly Holly
Lap Cat / Couch Potato

Izzy Izzy
Chatty, Feisty, Fluffball

Jack & Annie Jack & Annie
Dynamic Duo

Jazmin Jazmin
Regal Beauty

Jerome Jerome
Gimmee some lovin'!

Julia Julia
Quiet Lady

Lucinda Lucinda
Sweet Little Lady

Max Max
Let's Eat

Merritt Merritt
Playful Gal

Mindy Mindy
The chance to blossom

Oreo Oreo
Easy-Going Hunk

Patch Patch
Deserves to be treated like royalty.

Sarah Sarah
Independent Gal

Simon & Garfunkel Simon & Garfunkel
Two BIG Boys Looking for a Home

Shadow & Sparky Shadow & Sparky
Splish Splash

Sheeba Sheeba
I need a lap to sit in.

Sir Nigel Purrsworth Sir Nigel Purrsworth
Royalty with Swagger

Sparkle II Sparkle II
Outgoing & Independent

Sophia Sophia
Hug Me

Swizzle Swizzle
Tons of Love to Give

Truffle Truffle
Watch where you're walking...

Yankee & Doodle Yankee & Doodle
Shy & Affectionate

Other cats looking for homes
The following cat(s) are available from other shelters or from private owners in the Norwalk, CT area.
Note: These cats are not at PAWS. Please click on their name or photo to read their information and contact their caretaker directly if you are interested.

Aggie Aggie
Very loving and gentle.

Bambi and Blackie Bambi and Blackie

Boots Boots
Affectionate Kitty

George George

Jonie Jonie

Kat and Poe Kat and Poe

Krash & Skipper Krash & Skipper
2 Exotics Looking for a New Home

Lili Lili

Logan & Shinobi Logan & Shinobi
An Affectioante Duo

Louis Louis

Mitts Mitts

Puck Puck
Great Companion

  Please also see our Dog Gallery


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